We would like this opportunity to introduce ourselves, Asian Business Unite (ABU)  as one of the most trustworthy, a new generation premier international trade concern, manufacturer, exporter, supplier & buying agent and also we are working as a representative of the foreign buyers in Bangladesh. Which are specializes in the procurement of the Jute Sticks Charcoal Powder and Ready-made Garments, Home textiles & Leather. We produce wide range of quality Ready-made Garments, Home textiles & Leather in Bangladesh. Asian Business Unite (ABU) is a supplier and exporter in Bangladesh.

Since Bangladesh is a famous for Jute Tree cultivation. Our charcoal is made only from the dry jute tree sticks. So have a large quantity of production of the Jute Sticks Charcoal in Bangladesh. The Jute sticks Charcoal is getting preferred in all activated carbon sectors in globally. The “Charcoal” is being used for many purposes in the worldwide. The “Jute Sticks Charcoal” is most popular in the worldwide. The jute has been using for many purposes. Bangladesh is one of the largest exporters of raw jute and jute products in the world. . In this sense, the jute sticks charcoal’ is an ultimate Business Product and as it has been used the raw material of fire-works and some other chemical purposes.

We are highly committed to supply & services of all kinds of Jute Sticks Charcoal Powder and Garments, home textiles & leather products to customer in time. We are also committed to service by involving an efficient team. We are completely different from those of the competitors. We have a confident that you will find our products and services to be dependable, reliable and get a best competitive price for your Global Market. Our motto is to satisfy the Global Customer for exporting quality products within the Time Frame. The Asian Business Unite (ABU) as working and played a major role in exporter of 100% Quality “Jute Sticks Charcoal Powder” in Bangladesh.

Our quality, price and strict adherence to schedule will convince you to depend on us with your large quantity of order. To satisfy you is our motto. We meet all standards of compliance and evaluation and quality too and to meet the growing demands of readymade garments, home textiles, leather and jute stick charcoal powder in the worldwide.

Thank you.

Md. Abu Bakar Siddique,

President & CEO